Error Message running Scoresheet Report


Error Message running Scoresheet Report

Good Morning,  Our school shares data quarterly using the Scoresheet Report.  Each teacher creates one report using one grade category across all classes (about 150 students) at the high school level.  A few teachers (6 out of 72) received an error message that the file was too large.  These teachers had to run multiple reports by each class in order to share their information.


What would make the file too large?  Is there something we can do to ensure one report per teacher?

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The Scoresheet Report file could be too large based on a number of reasons such as too many students, classes, scores, final grades, or any combination. In some cases, when teachers run the scoresheet report on PS SIS 12.1+ with a large amount of data, the items that would show in the report gets calculated and if that is too many then "file too large" error might appear. 


The Scoresheet report file size limit depends on the calculation of selected data. If the "file too large" error appears our recommendation would be to make a smaller selection of the number of items.


Please let us know if there are any further concerns regarding this.


Thank you,  We did make smaller groups.


Do you have any idea of the limit?


At the high school, teachers have about 150 students. The report contains one category that contains 4 assignments in one quarter.


Does the number of overall assignments in ALL categories affect the 'too large' error?  It just seems weird that a teacher with 200 students can run the report with no problem and another with 150 students has to break up the report into smaller pieces.  (This actually happens.)


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Currently, there is no exact size limit to the export of the scoresheet report. There are different parameters like the number of students, the number of final scores and the number of assignments is been calculated to determine the file size. Since it is the difference in the parameters the scoresheet can accept more selections or it can send an error message stating " file too large". We recommend making fewer selections while receiving file too large error message.


If you have any queries feel free to reach us!

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We are seeing the same error. 

All of our teachers are running the same type of reports - no assignments, just Q1, Q2, E1, S1 term grades.  6 classes. Some can run the report without any issues, some cannot run and get the error message.


Are there are other settings we can check to resolve this? 


Teacher can run one class at a time, but that is not nearly as efficient for the teacher or for the administrators who review the reports.


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If you have tried the above suggestions and that didn't work, we recommend reaching out to the Designated Support contact within your school district who should be able to connect with the PowerSchool Support team to review the other ways to troubleshoot the issue further.

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