Edit Item Feature (Little Pencil) in Performance Matters Pulled Test


Edit Item Feature (Little Pencil) in Performance Matters Pulled Test

Two thumbs-up to the techs who added this feature to the testing format in Performance Matters.  Working in the test item creation and pulling items into a test is a major portion of my job.  Even though, the pencil icon while in the "Edit Test" page was added a few months ago, I just have to give the techs who added this feature, some extra kudos.  This helps expedite the process of reviewing and editing tests for errors even while in the OLA Preview.  If an error is found, one only needs to go back to the "Edit Test" tab, click on the pencil icon to correct the error, save and refresh the page.  I recently discovered I could refresh the OLA Preview page immediately after making the correction. The amended error shows instantly.  So wonderful!!!


So, thank you, thank you, thank you for adding this feature and creating additional "work arounds" within it.

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Hi @Emmie1 


Thank you for your feedback!


We are happy to hear that you are loving the new Edit Item Feature. 

Sowmya Karmel
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