Ecollect - leave or stay on the form message


Ecollect - leave or stay on the form message

What can cause an Ecollect form to reload "dirty" on the parent portal?

After parents submit a form on the parent portal, the form reloads automatically. When they try to move away from the form, they are prompted with the following messages: "information you entered may not be saved - stay on page or leave page." No changes were made to the form. It simply reloaded automatically after they submitted it. This is really confusing to parents. They end up resubmitting the form multiple times before they realize that their data is saved and that it's the same form that keeps on reloading.

Any ideas?

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Hi! @BrigitteS 


We thank you for your patience while we were working with the Ecollect Forms product team.


Sometimes this message comes from users' browsers as some parts of forms will try to dynamically load in information when the form loads and the browser thinks that a change has been made.
You might consider using the Next Form option on your forms so that parents move to another form that needs to be filled out after clicking submit.

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Don't blame this on the browser. And don't say "sometimes." It happens on every form, everytime, on any browser. It is an ecollect design flaw, and should be fixed. Period.


The "next form" option does not help me when I am editing forms. Additionally, no matter how you set it up, at some point, parents will end up at a form that has no next form and will get this message... and we will get 3 or 5 submissions of that form because they are confused.


Fix it.



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Hi @elasiewski,


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We understand your concern and apologize for the inconvenience that you are facing. 


In order to troubleshoot this further, we will have to look into your setup and will require access to your site. In order to protect your data privacy, I recommend reaching out to the PowerSchool Ecollect Support team who should be able to assist you further with this.


You can reach out to them through Case Portal on the Community.



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