EC Students Report

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EC Students Report

Does anyone know how to run a report in PS that shows all of the EC students?

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Hi @sgray1

The Admins should have the ability to run this report by using Data Export Manager. You would need to Student Search for Enroll_Status=0 for the currently enrolled students. Further, you would need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Set the Category to "Show All".
  2. Scrolled down and select "S_NC_EC_ACCOMMODATIONS_TEST" for the "Export From"
  3. Selected the checkbox next to STUDENTS.S_NC_EC_ACCOMMODATIONS_TEST to select the columns to export.
  4. Then select "LastFirst" in STUDENTS so you have the student's name.
  5. Selected "Next"
  6. Selected "Show Records"

If you are facing any issues and need any further assistance then we recommend reaching out to the Technical Contact of your district.

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