Dyslexia retest?

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Dyslexia retest?


Does anyone how I can reset my assessment for the Dyslexia course? I completed the entire module but got below an 80 on Assessment 3.1 and the system will not let me complete the course without scoring higher than an 80; but I am unable to reset the test. Will I have to retake the entire Dyslexia course? Am I the only one that has had this issue? Thank you for your time and any help that you can give me.

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Community Support Expert

Hi @Jnene 


Thank you for reaching out to the PowerSchool Community.


I understand you are wanting to reset your Dyslexia course.


I recommend reaching out to your school administrator for assistance with your request. Depending on the program you are using to take the Dyslexia course, they can guide you with how the course is set up and what features were placed in the course.


When using the PowerSchool Community, there are search features that can assist you with locating articles for PowerSchool products. 



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