Dropping ASSIGNMENTS when syncing data from HR system (Atrieve)


Dropping ASSIGNMENTS when syncing data from HR system (Atrieve)



Between Atrieve (our HR system) and SRB_EIE (our HR db), there are ASSIGNMENTS record dropped according to EMPLOYEES updates/changes.

For instance, staff #12345 had been purged in HR system, but in HR db, #12345 is still ACTIVE in EMPLOYEES table.

How should we deal with this issue or someone may have a look why the situations happened?


Thanks a lot!


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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @vsun35,


The reason this would happen is that the employee was purged before the EIE process was able to remove the employee.

  1. You need to mark the employee as terminated first and leave it overnight. EIE will then remove this employee from their Database.
  2. The next day you will be able to purge the employee from Atrieve.

The employee will for now remain in EIE until it is manually removed. I recommend reaching out to the Atrieve team through a support case who can help you remove this employee from the Database.



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