Deleted assignment

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Deleted assignment

Is there a way to recover a deleted assignment?

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Hi @cmccallister , I think teachers have special access to restore some content in PowerSchool learning. Here you can check the reference:


But probably your domain admin can help you to restore your assignment. One more thing if have you ever stored your assignment or documents file on a local machine, then free recovery utilities [recuva, stellar data recovery free edition, testdisk, etc.] can help you to recover permanently deleted data efficiently. Thanks


Who's the domain admin? Your principal?


Thank you!

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Was this in PowerTeacher Pro? If so, to the best of my knowledge, you cannot recover a deleted assignment.

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@cmccallister  @BarbaraD2  Is correct, outside of a Flashback, there is no way to retrieve a deleted PowerTeacher Pro assignment. Talk about bad design choices.

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