Creating Duplicate Course List


Creating Duplicate Course List

We are considering adding a second set of courses for one of our schools. We would use the same names and potentially similar course numbers, but some of the course details would be different. For instance, 2204 Algebra I might be M2204 Algebra I for the new course list. Other than the obvious task of maintaining a larger course database, is there anything we need to be considering in our discussion about adding the new set of courses?


I need to make it clear that we are looking at adding these courses in the PowerSchool SIS, not in Schoology.

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@avalentinevca  Like you mentioned, other than maintaining a larger course database, there really is not more to consider. The nice part is, you can make those "new" courses only available at that one school and the rest available at the other. That will help with the management of the numbers. You can also export the current ones, change the schoolid and modify the course number and import them...saves you tons of time. 

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