Course Rank: Multiples of 10?


Course Rank: Multiples of 10?

Hi all. Course Rank question here... the materials I have seen suggest that we separate numbers in the Course Rank feature by 10 (so ranking the highest rank 10, the next highest 20, etc...). Does it have to be that way? 


I ask because I may need to move a course's rank by a pretty significant margin and I'd rather not have to adjust everything in between. would be easier if I can just rank it with a number that ends in 5.





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Community Support Expert

Hi @arothschild,


Thank you for posting your question in the Community.


When you initially build the course rank, the system displays the courses in the order the system has determined, based on the course definitions and constraints.

The system assigns a sequential number to each course to indicate its place in rank using numbers in increments of ten, such as 10, 20, 30. The smaller the number, the higher the course rank.


Use this numbering system to edit the ranks of courses and put courses between system-defined ranks. For example, you can re-rank a course to 11, 12, or 13 without affecting the ranks of the system-defined courses ranked at 10 and 20.


After building the course rank and making modifications, you may need to rebuild the course rank. Rebuilding the course rank overwrites any changes you have made to the rank file. Rebuild the course rank after you add or delete a course. If you rebuild the rank, you will lose any edits you made. Be sure to make note of those changes so that you can re-create them in the rebuilt course rank. 


Please let me know if this helps.



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Its a common technique.  They don't have to stay in multiples of 10.  The number itself doesn't matter, its all about the order.  


Its by 10's so that you can move courses between others.  In other words, you can change a course number from 30 to 15 so that it is scheduled between course 10 and 20.   This allows you to move a single course instead of sorting or swapping.