Copying text from excel to comments grading in Power School Pro

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Copying text from excel to comments grading in Power School Pro

I'm trying to copy text straight from excel into the comment box for grading.  These are text that is generated from a concatenate formula.  However, whenever I do that, I would get quotation marks (" ") at the start and the end of the text in the comment box for power school.  I have tried to set the cells to "text" in excel, and tried to paste as "plain text", but the quotation marks still shows up.  


When I try to copy the text from excel to word, the quotations doesn't show up.  Also, if I try to copy from word to powerschool, the quotation also does not show up.  The problem only arises when it's straight from excel to powerschool.


Is there a way to copy text from excel without those quotation?  



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Hello! @bbtsui,

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I understand your concern regarding the issue you are facing with quotation marks appearing before and after a text while copying from MS Excel to PowerTeacher Pro grading comment box.


The process of copying text from MS Excel or MS Word is associated with embedded coding which is not stripped out and as a result, unexpected symbols might appear along with the original text.


I would recommend as a workaround you can try first pasting the original text into text editors such as NotePad and then paste the text from NotePad into PowerTeacher Pro grading comment box.


Hope this helps resolve the issue you are facing!

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