Constantly having to log in

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Constantly having to log in

I log in to PS Pro, go to a new screen to mark something, come back to PS and I have to log in AGAIN! Repeat, repeat, repeat! How do I change the grace period before PS logs me out? In this time of teaching remotely, this happens about 800 times a day!

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Your PowerSchool Administrator has the ability to set "Sign-off Teacher Users After This Many Minutes of Inactivity" as well as Admin and Parent/Students.  Individual users cannot modify this setting.

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I'm a admin, where in SIS, can I find the option.

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@laurfoll  Are you only a teacher or do you have both a PowerTeacher/PowerTeacher Pro account and a PowerSchool admin account? If you have both, then you can't be logged into both at the same time. 

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