Class Rosters


Class Rosters

Is there a way to run the rosters of the first period teachers without going into all of the individual classes?

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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

Outside of possible custom reports you can also accomplish this if you have access to DDA/DDE. You can export the records from the CC table for any period you need.


Your days may be set differently than mine, but I would go to DDE:


1. Select CC Table

2. Isolate the 2021-2022 School year by searching TermID >=3100

3. Isolate the Period by searching Expression contains 1(


Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 10.00.48 AM.png


This should grab every student enrollment for any expression containing a 1.


Then you can export the results with these fields:




Doug Skinner

District Instructional Data Officer
Gateway Regional School District

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You should be able to go to: 


System Reports

Scroll to the bottom under Student/Staff Listings

Choose Class Roster (PDF)


It is easiest to do per school, but you should able to create a class roster there a little easier.