Changes to Traditional Grade Calculations Midyear


Changes to Traditional Grade Calculations Midyear

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We have several questions regarding changes to traditional grade calculations midyear as we're trying to determine the best course of action for grading amidst current affairs.


1. Let's say a gradebook is calculated: Tests 50%, Projects 30%, and Homework 20%. If no assignments are entered for projects, how does that affect how the term grade and/or final grade is calculated? I guess, what happens to that 30%? 


2. We have 5 grading periods that calculate a final grade. All 5 terms have been configured the same all year. (Same catgories and same weighting.) If we were to change our calculations for grading period 5 alone, making it different that grading periods 1-4, what kind of affect (if any) would that have on F2 calculations? 


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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

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I recommend reaching out to the Designated Support Contact within your district on the queries and concerns you have regarding changes to traditional grade calculations in the middle of the year.  Designated Support Contacts within your district should be able to assist you further in clarifying these concerns.

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Check out episode 85 of the PowerSchool Insider.  It covers changing grade calculations and reporting terms mid-year due to covid-19.