Chalkable FAWIN and Accounting and Payroll Programs


Chalkable FAWIN and Accounting and Payroll Programs

I am the Lexington Township Clerk in Lexington IL.  My laptop computer's motherboard-hard drive went out.  The Nerds on Call were able to get my data onto a flash drive for me.  I had to go out and buy a new laptop computer.  What I desperately need is for someone to contact me ASAP so that I can get those programs added to my new computer.  I have a meeting on Monday night and I am not able to do payroll or pay bills or get caught up from last month.  I left a message with someone three days ago at PowerSchool and she said she started a ticket.  I have had no call back, email, or anything.  I am desperate to get this taken care of before noon tomorrow so that I can get my data transferred over and I can still have the weekend to get ready for my meeting.  PLEASE HELP ME ......URGENT!!!!!!!

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Hi! @lextown1,


There are Designated Support Contacts within each district that can assist you with how-to questions for PowerSchool products and they work with the PowerSchool support team when further assistance is needed.  I recommend reaching out to the Designated Support Contacts who should be able to create a case on your behalf and provide you the updates.

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