Canvas Grade Sync


Canvas Grade Sync

Hello all, 



I have two teachers where some of their students are missing grades in PowerTeacher.  We use Canvas to sync over to Powerteacher Pro. Most of their class did sync over but having issues with a handful of students.  


Canvas has grades for all the students but it's not reflecting the same in powerteacher. Thoughts?

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi, @AleMejia208,


Thank you for reaching out!


Grades in Canvas may not sync due to the change in categories being used in assignments.  Make sure the categories being used in the assignments are the same as the categories used in Canvas.


Let us know if this helps. For more queries regarding this, you will need to reach out to your District's Canvas Administrator, who should be able to assist you further.




Saffiya Tasneem

Community Moderator.


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Saffiya Tasneem
Community Moderator

Remember to give Kudos to suggestions that help you!
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