Canvas Grade Sync to PowerSchool Issues

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Canvas Grade Sync to PowerSchool Issues

I use the the grade sync feature from Canvas to update student grades in PowerSchool every evening.  The issue I am noticing is that I cannot enter anything directly into PowerSchool without it getting erased every evening after Canvas syncs with PowerSchool.  The issue that many teacher are running into is that we would like to mark the working as "missing" or use codes that our division asks us to for grades.  But when we do this directly in PowerSchool, the next time our grades sync, that orange box for missing or any code we enter is erased.


Also in Canvas our assignments say they are missing but this does not sync into PowerSchool.  It does however sync if an assignment is "late".


Is there anyway to override this?  I would like to use the Canvas grade sync feature without my comments/notations in PowerSchool being erased. 

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Community Support Expert

Hi @braycm,


Thank you for reaching out to us!


We see a similar thread in Canvas Community on Comments being erased when syncing from Canvas to PowerTeacherPro where users share related issues.  You should be able to reach out to the Canvas Support team to look into this further and resolve the issue for you.  Meanwhile, as a workaround, you may try doing this:


1.  get all the grades into Canvas (lates, etc.)

2.  Sync it over to your SIS. 

3.  Uncheck the sync option.

4.  THEN add comments in SIS 



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