Canvas Grade Passback

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Canvas Grade Passback

My district uses Canvas as our LMS and we are encountering a weird problem when utilizing the grade passback feature with PowerTeacher Pro.  We are finding that PTP is adding 100 extra credit points to the assignment which is making the points available much higher than it should be.  I'm wondering if there is a way to turn this off?  Right now teachers have to go into each assignment and delete the points which can be time-consuming when they have many assignments.   

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Hi @amriello,


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To get further assistance on your query regarding the grade passback feature with PowerTeacher Pro, we recommend reaching out to the Canvas support team who should be able to troubleshoot the issue for you.

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Really?  The response is contact Canvas?


I did contact Canvas and they said it's a known PowerSchool issue. 


Is there a solution?  I don't want an extra 100 points available on EVERY assignment.

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Lead Community Moderator

When Canvas creates an assignment graded by Points within PowerTeacher Pro, it always creates it with 100 extra points possible. It is built into their current API call to allow teachers to more easily enter extra credit points on an assignment within Canvas. Canvas may have more information if this will be able to be changed so that assignments can be created without extra credit points.

The current workaround for teachers within PowerTeacher Pro is to manually remove the extra points from each assignment that comes over from Canvas. There should not be any effect on student grades if the extra points are not removed from the assignments.

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