Can't submit/ get the message that I'm missing fields

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Can't submit/ get the message that I'm missing fields

In the registration form, I checked all requested fields at least 10 times and all of them are filled in, but I keep getting the message that I am missing fields and I'm not allowed to submit it. Is there a way to check which exactly fields the system is reading as incomplete? Please advise or provide me with the number of Technical support of this site. 




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Hi @Mira,


Thank you for posting in the Community!  This is common if the primary phone number is the same as the secondary phone number or if the contacts that have been added do not have the priority set or two contacts have the same priority.  The priority should be set in chronological order without duplicate priorities.


If you have any other questions, please let me know and I will be happy to help or you can contact our Support team via Live Assist for further assistance here:


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