Back to school form sign in problem


Back to school form sign in problem

Good morning,
I have a "Sign In Problem" When I click on "Back to school form 2021-2022"


I already filled out my one of my daughters school it worked!

Unfortunately when tried to do it for my other daughter I was not able to.


I got this message:

"Sign In Problem There was a problem with the sign in process. Please contact your school or the Support Team for assistance."


Hope you can help me with this.


Andrea H

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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

@VAELRO   Have you tried to contact the school or school district? Sometimes this happens if the students are not linked to your account correctly or their information has not been uploaded in the back-to-school setup. 

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Thank you for the prompt response...

I did not contact the school.. But I know I have my other daughter linked to the account because I filled out the form last year and also, when open the account today I saw both of them on it.


I will try it with the school.

thank you so much!