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I am an administrator at an public school and I am looking to resolve an issue with a students attendance.  Can anyone guide me in the teacher schedules section..when I select the teacher and click on the attendance grid the is 1 student I can not adjust the attendance on.  Ive corrected the enrollment dates and I still can not get this to work.


Please help...

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This is common when a student has been dropped.  This can be verified by looking at the Enrollment Section under Teacher's schedule and making sure that the student is marked as active instead of dropped.  I have provided the steps below.


  • Navigate to Start Page > Teacher's Schedules
  • Select the Teacher's name from list
  • Click on the Enrolled Student number from the Enrollment section for that Grade
  • Click on the "Dormant" checkbox and make sure that the student is not listed under there

Bishal G.
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Good Morning, thank you so much for your support.  These steps helped me fix my issue!