Atrieve ERP for Accounts Payable


Atrieve ERP for Accounts Payable

Monday morning did not start out right.  I had printer issues which created problems when printing a batch of cheques.  


We have two Accounts Payable Administrators but the printer is only in my office.  The other person worked on a batch for printing.  The printer printed a particular invoice twice.  The ARP was done to completion through to MICRprocessing of the batch that contained the second of the printed invoice.  This batch contained more than duplicated invoice and had consequetive cheque numbers.


I did a cheque cancellation on the first cheque of $100 but I could not find it when I tried to delete the invoice on Atrieve.  Subsequently, this $100 cheque printed again on the next batch.  I stopped here and would like assistance in correcting this issue. 


Please help me as soon as possible.

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Re: Atrieve ERP for Accounts Payable

Hi @sandrabelrose56 


I have created a case for you, support will reaching out to you shortly to help you with your accounts payable issues.


Thank you,


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