Assignments are not appearing on scoresheet

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Assignments are not appearing on scoresheet

I have entered numerous assignments into PowerTeacher Pro.  The assignments are not showing on the score sheet once I enter them.  I have done this on numerous occassions. My district's Quarter 2 began on October 21st.  When I have entered assignments for this date or other dates, they do not show up.  Its like some show up and others don't.   Are the assignments that you create required to have unique names? I'm just confused because I have entered multiple assignments and they aren't showing up. How do I correct this issue?  I am getting frustrated because its keeping me from entering grades.  

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Make sure that you are in Quarter 2 and not Quarter 1 while viewing the Scoresheet page.  If you are not in Quarter 2 (or Q2) the assignments won't show!

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