Assignment and grades not appearing

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Assignment and grades not appearing

Assignments I have entered for the Third Quarter are not appearing.  I have looked in the other Quarters to see if they are there...they are not.  I know I entered these grades.  


I have entered grades with the incorrect date before and can always go in and change the date...I cannot even see if I have done this because I don't even see the assignment.

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I'm assuming you are referring to assignments in PowerTeacher Pro or Gradebook.  If the assignment entered is NOT within any of the terms it remains invisible. (At least it did when we transitioned to PTP a few years ago and I was entereing assignments with a date prior to the start of the school year.)  There may be days in the years and terms, etc. that do not appear in any reproting term. (For example, the weekend or break between the end of Q2 and the start of Q3, etc.

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