Archiving a student in PowerSchool


Archiving a student in PowerSchool

I need to know how to archive students in PowerSchool.  Trisha Meadows

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Re: Archiving a student in PowerSchool



Archive a Student Process

The Archive process (which has also been referred to as the No-Show process) is as follows:

1) On the Start page, search for and select the student you wish to Archive.
2) Choose the student's Transfer Info page. Take note of the entry date for the student's current enrollment.
3) Choose the student's Functions page.
4) Click Transfer Out Of School.
5) (Optional) Enter a Transfer Comment stating that the student is a "no-show" or "duplicate record."
6) Enter the Date of Transfer. This date should be equal to the student's entry date from step 2.
7) Select the appropriate Exit Code. Note: Your state may require a specific exit code for no-show students.
😎 Submit your changes.

Many states also have exclude from State Reporting settings. Please check your state's User/Reporting guides on how to set students to be excluded.

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