Accrued Liability Reports from Payroll

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Accrued Liability Reports from Payroll

Hi there you wonderful and helpful people in PowerSchool land!  I am new to PowerSchool (and the struggle is real...!)  If I am not in the right spot here, please direct me to the proper place!!

I am looking for a report in payroll for the dollar amount of the Vacation banks and the banked time banks to report to accounting what should be in the liability account.  If that report can report dollar amount and employee G/L account, that would be even greater!  I hope I explained that well enough!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!



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Hi @sbuck,


Thank you for posting your question in the Community.


I recommend reviewing this document on Storage Bank Hours Cost Report to get the dollar value for your Storage Banks. Atrieve Payroll / Storage Bank Maintenance / Storage Bank Hours Cost.  The report lists the following:


* The employee number and name.

* The storage bank code, table code, and table description.

* Storage bank hours.
* The employee's hours rate, as of the master function line.
* The cost of hours, bank hours times pay rate.


This report does not include GL details. The Payroll Master reports Employee GLs. 


Both reports can be run to Excel.


Please let me know if this helps.



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