Access Denied - Unified Talent Case Portal


Access Denied - Unified Talent Case Portal

Dear @MichelleB @Angelam7  and Other Community Moderators,


I am having some serious issues accessing the Unified Talent Case Portal Resource on this website. I am a new member and have completed my registration. Unfortunately every time I try to access this resource it says, "Hmm, it looks like you don't have access to this resource" which is really upsetting. I graduated in December 2018 and got a long-term sub job last semester and now I have been trying to apply to the Omaha Public School Application for Substitute Teachers. 


Frustratingly, every time I try to enter information into the "Education" part of the application, it gives me the "Error Page" which then recommends that I go to the SUPPORT tab for help if problems continue. This has been happening for the past couple of days so I have been trying to go to the SUPPORT tab. But again, on Powerschool Community, I receive the "Hmm, it looks you don't have access to this resource" page. If any of you could please help me with this issue so that I can have the issues with the Omaha Public Schools TalentEd Hire resolved so that I can finish my Substitute application, that would be great. Thanks so much for all your help and consideration. 


Sydney Pratt

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Community Moderator MichelleB
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Re: Access Denied - Unified Talent Case Portal

Hi @sydneypratt2019 


Thank you for reaching out through the Community. I am so sorry to hear that this application process has been frustrating for you.  


The Community Case Portal is intended for identified Shool District Technical Contacts to use to open Support Cases, and is not avaible to all registered Users. From your post, I would not expect you to be able to access the Case Portal, and I wanted to clarify this in case there is a misunderstanding from the error you are receiving.


I am not personally familiar with the process for applicants using Unified Talent to obtain technical support, but I expect you would start with the Distirct.  From the Omaha PSD website ( it appears on the Help tab there is a place to submit questions. There is also a suggestion to contact their HR Department for application or technical assistance. 


I appreciate that the District Office might not have been available over the weekend and that you've struggled to submit your time-senstive application, but I would recommend contacting them through either of these venues. Hopefully the issue can be easily resolved on their end; if not, one of their Technical Contacts will know how to escalate the concern to PowerSchool Support. 


I hope that tomorrow brings you some answers and you are able to finalize your application.   





Michelle B
PowerSchool Community Moderator

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Community Moderator KiraStrazhnik
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Re: Access Denied - Unified Talent Case Portal

Hello @sydneypratt2019,


We apologize for the inconvenience of not being able to complete your application.

The issue that would have been causing your error has been identified and fixed.  Would you please try to submit your application once again and let us know how you make out? 

If you are still having dificulty we will reach out to you and continue investigating.


Thank you,

Your PowerSchool Support Team