Ability to add lesson location to Timetable in Planner


Ability to add lesson location to Timetable in Planner

This year is a messy one for me and I not only have to move classrooms for each class, but there are several times where my classes will be taught in different rooms over the timetable cycle.


I can't see any facility to accomodate this. 

Any ideas?

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @BUK 


Would you please confirm which PowerSchool product you are referring to? 


Jyotishka B.
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I have the same problem.  I've just started with Chalk, I can't see any option other than putting something into the class name.


Seconding this, almost every lesson I am in a different room, even with the same class. As a science teacher the room matters, it significantly affects planning... no lab.. no practical work. This is fundamental to my planning and really diminishes the value of chalk for me.