ACT Test Score upload


ACT Test Score upload

Hello everyone,


I have no idea how to upload our ACT test scores into PowerSchool.  The student data service we use is clueless, and I've been digging around here but unable to find any discussion on the topic or any number/email address to contact someone that can help me.  When I try on this site to view phone numbers I can use to contact someone, it tells me I don't have access to this information and suggests I check this Community Forum.

So here I am.

Someone please help me, I got as far as being able to read the layout and converting it into an excel file, but I can't find the lines that hold the English Writing score, and ACT told me they didn't know what was meant by that question ...  I'd rather just upload the original .txt file than go through all this trouble trying to separate the information manually, and ACT assures me this is possible.


TL;DR: Does anyone know how to upload ACT test scores into PowerSchool in its original .txt form?

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Some of the forums and help pages are restricted to just the designated technical contact. This includes the ability to phone the PowerSchool helpline.  

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Thank you for posting in the PowerSchool Community! @Xjaramillo 


Thank you for your response! @DanM3 


There are different forums that are accessible by users in the Community.  Some forums are open to all Community Members while other forums are restricted to certain roles within a district.


I recommend reaching out to a Designated Support Contact within your district for assistance uploading ACT scores into PowerSchool SIS.

If you are not a Designated Support Contact and feel you should have the Designated Support Contact role, I recommend reaching out to a Designated Support Contact in the district to request assistance with any PowerSchool product. You can also email and PowerSchool will work with the current Designated Support Contacts within your school district to request the Designated Support Contact role is added to your PowerSchool account on your behalf.

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Year, it should've to be done by uploading it to the special tool on such a test website like which transforms it into the needed document. You can find there the detailed guide on how to make it quickly. Hope it would be helpful.




I had the same questions a couple weeks ago and I found this article helpful.

I used the excel sheet import and was able to import them into Powerschool. Hopefully this will be helpful to you.