2021-2022 Enrollment for Kindergarten

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2021-2022 Enrollment for Kindergarten

I have been trying to complete the enrollment for my child who will be attending Kindergarten within the Grand Prairie ISD for 2021-2022. It is asking about the child passing core classes and only an option of Yes or No. What am I to select here? I don't want it to be incorrect. 


It also speaks to required documentation for students not enrolled currently; however, he's only coming of age to be enrolled. Do I need to complete documentation or not? I apologize, just want to ensure everything that is needing to be submitted is.


Thanks in advance!

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Community Support Expert

Hi! @streeter511 


If your child fulfils the criteria, then it should be selected as Yes.  On your second query regarding completing the documentation, we recommend reaching out to the School district who should be able to assist you with the process of enrolling your child for kindergarten.

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