When scanning bubble sheets, an error message stating “Student not scheduled to take exam” appears. What should I do?

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Navigate to “Testing Center” to verify that a ‘Paper Pencil’ test session has been created for the test. Select the appropriate subject and exam from the drop-down menus. Select your school and select the staff name from the list on the left. If no ‘Paper Pencil’ test session has been created, right-click on the course and select ‘New Test Session’ from the drop-down menu. Select ‘Paper Pencil’ beside ‘Session Type’ and click ‘Create Test Session.


If a test session has been created, verify whether or not a ‘Not Assigned’ accordion bar appears at the bottom of the test session, click it to expand and view the names of unassigned students. If that list includes the student that received the “No Test” message, then he/she needs to be added to the test session. Click the checkered flag button, shown circled in orange. Hover over ‘Assign to’ and select the desired test session when the name appears.