What is a Quick Key?

A Quick Key is not actually an exam. The option to create a Quick Key simply allows an answer key to be created in Assessment Library for a paper copy of an exam that exists independently from PowerSchool's Assessment to be administered.


Many teachers have exams that they created or acquired prior to their district purchasing the PowerSchool Assessment software. The exams have been administered year after year, and rather than forcing teachers to create the exam and its items within Assessment Library, the ability to create a Quick Key allows teachers to continue using the favored exams.


It's important to note that the items associated with the exam are not housed within the Assessment Library; however, by creating the answer key using Quick Key, the paper test may then be administered, graded, and reports may be viewed using PowerSchool's Assessment software. Standards may be added for each item for enhanced assessment results in PowerSchool Assessment. It is also important to note that Quick Keys only allow for multiple choice items to be tested. When entering an answer key, a user is limited to entering A-D and F-J answer choices.