Requesting to have an item on an Exam Zero Weighted

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 Requesting to have an item on an Exam Zero Weighted

  1. Locate the item and exam in question in Assessment Library.
  2. Take note of the Exam ID and Question ID. Exam ID looks something like [E:X6NYBN] and the Question ID generally looks like [Q:6F0VC7-1].
  3. Contact your districts liaison/key decision maker and let them know you would like a question zero weighted (if you are not sure who your key contacts are, chat into us via LiveAssist and we can tell you!)
  4. As a district liaison: Send an email to with the subject “Zero Weight” or chat into us via LiveAssist. In the email or chat, list the Question ID and the Exam ID.
  5. We’ll take care of the rest!

What is this and How does it relate to PowerSchool Assessment

  • Whether a question and its answers contain an error, or the students just haven’t learned the material yet, zero weighting is a useful tool to make sure student results don’t get penalized unfairly.

Associated Protocol

  • Only members of the support team at PowerSchool have the ability to zero weight items.

Any Additional Information

  • The items are zero weighted on a single exam at a time. If an item would need to be zero weighted on multiple exams, please provide all applicable Exam ID’s.

Helpful Links for Clients is a helpful link that walks through duplicating an item. If an item is being zero weighted because it is incorrect, this would be the best way to edit the content of that item!