Reviewing Student Scores

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1. From the “Dashboard,” hover over “Reporting” and select “Assessment Results” from the drop-down menu.

*Note: For demonstration purposes, reporting is from a teacher’s perspective.

The “Term” is defaults to All Active Terms. The term selector, indicated by a blue arrow in the following image, may be used to view data for other school years or semesters.

2. Select the “Subject” and “Exam” from the respective drop-down menus.Reviewing-Student-Scores.png

The teacher’s name will appear on the left. A list of all courses assigned to the staff member that are mapped to the selected subject will appear listed below his or her name. The right side of the screen displays the default “Overview” page.

1. The combined average assessment score the selected staff member’s courses appears to the right of his or her name, as indicated by a blue arrow in the following image.
2. A list of all the staff member’s courses, as well as each class’s average score is listed below, as indicated by a pink arrow.
3. Pass rates, indicated by green and red bars, are displayed on the right side of the screen.