Interpreting Grade Sheet Data

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The letter that appears for each student’s answer choice will appear green if the item was answered correctly or red if the item was answered incorrectly.

Each letter listed within the “Grade Sheet” report corresponds to the letter of the student’s response on a printed copy of the exam, not the letter of a response as it would appear via PowerTest.

For example, in the image below, the student answered “D” for the third item. If viewing a printed copy of the exam, the student’s answer would appear as answer choice “D.”

If the exam was administered online, however, the letter that appears on the “Grade Sheet” report does not correspond to the letter of answers within PowerTest.


If an item is answered incorrectly, an exponent will appear next to the answer choice, shown circled in blue in the following image. The exponent indicates which answer choice the student selected. To view the selected answer choice, click the item preview for the corresponding item, indicated with a pink arrow in the following item.


A preview of the item will open listing each answer option.

For example, the student incorrectly answered “B” for the item. The exponent, “3,” that appears indicates that the answer that appears as option 3 in the preview was selected. If viewing a printed copy of the exam, the student’s answer would appear as letter “B.”


*Note: The “Grade Sheet” report provides data for up to eight answer choices for “Multiple Choice” items.


Hot Spot,” “Fill in the Blank,” and “Drag and Drop” items provide limited data in the “Grade Sheet” report. Data is reduced to icons indicating whether the response is correct or incorrect.