Subject-Specific Permission Groups

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The permissions groups associated with specific subjects are mapped to specific standards.  For example, Math Department Chair is associated with Math 2009, but not Math 2016.  When users within a subject-specific permission groups need access to standards outside the permission group, the permissions associated with the group should be added and mapped to the new standards at the request of an A&A Liaison.


Requesting Standards Are Added to Subject-Specific Permission Groups


The request to add standards to subject-specific permissions groups can be submitted by an A&A Liaison.  An A&A Liaison can submit a request to PowerSchool Assessment and Analytics Support.


Staff groups and the permission groups within them are designed and built to district specifications when the district starts using A&A (Assessment & Analytics.)  Any changes to those groups can be requested by designated District Liaisons and those requests can be made to A&A Support through chat, email, and phone.


A&A Support Contact Information: