What's New in our Community- May 2019

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What's New in our Community- May 2019


What’s New 


Extending Community Access 

All users with a PowerSource account should now be able to access knowledge base articles and forums that have been migrated from PowerSource to the PowerSchool Community.  Users will have access to the products in which the district has subscribed.  To navigate to these knowledge base articles, select the Product Support tab in the top left of any page in the Community and select the product board you would like to access. 



 New Faces! 

We have a new Community Moderator.  JoeOM joined the Community Moderator team this month and is dedicated to ensuring you receive a solution for all your questions. You can learn more about Joe and the rest of our community team here. 


Avatar Contest Winners! 


Let’s congratulate our May Avatar Contest Winners for updating their avatar and sharing their story with us.  Thank you to AnnR9, DataJeannie, Sharonm44Ranay, AliciaS4, and RachelC!


Top Contributors 

The top contributors for the month of May are RogerS and Vance.  We appreciate your contribution to the Community and to the members 🙂


Let’s give them a round of applause!! 


June Contest 

Hey Community!  Our June Contest will be for members to provide what they find most helpful about the Community.  The first 10 members to respond will win PowerSchool Swag.  Please post your response in the Community Forum under June Contest- What do you find most helpful about the Community?


We are looking forward to your feedback!!


Filtering Topics 

We are adding labels to knowledge base articles in the Community.  Labels will be used to help identify articles in forums, blogs, Q&A, ideas, TKBs.   

When navigating to a product board, users can filter articles or forums based on a label by selecting a topic in the drop-down menu in the top right page of the board under Filter Results. 


We recommend looking at the search tips for the PowerSchool Community! 


Community Orientation Videos


We have Community Orientation Videos that will provide assist community members on how to Register in the Community, Password Resets, How to Locate Product Forums and Knowledge Base Articles, along with several others.  The orientation videos are housed under Our Community>Getting Started.  


How to Locate Product Forums and Knowledge Base Articles


How to Register as a New Community User


Stay tuned for more videos to come!


Top Articles 

We are currently working to highlight the top articles on each product board.  This will help users quickly find articles the most reviewed articles.  The top articles will be shown in the right of the knowledge base page under ‘This Week’s Important Articles’.   


Since the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year is quickly approaching, we have placed the top five articles for the parent and student registration portal at the top of the Enrollment (Family Support) knowledge baseboard.