What's New in our Community: January and February 2020

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What's New in our Community: January and February 2020

Community Moderator

Contest Winners for January and February: 


A big shout out to our January and February contest winners!  These members helped other members by contributing the most responses leading to a resolution. 


  • DanM3 
  • JeffG9 
  • CindyM8 
  • Jrand 
  • JeromeO


March Contest: 
We are adding new Community articles and videos to help new members get the most out of using our PowerSchool CommunityAs part of our March contest, we are asking for ideas for topics that would be most beneficial to new members. So, if you have an idea for an article or video that would help a new member in our Community, please share your ideas in our Community forum.  We will select our top ten March contest winners from among the contributors that provide the most helpful topics. 


What’s New: 


We are happy to announce that the PowerSchool Insider is now part of the PowerSchool Community as part of PowerSchool SIS. If you had access to this resource previously on our old support site, you will now see these videos posted here on our community. We recommend going to the video list and using Options and Subscribe to be notified when new Insider episodes are added.  

We are excited to add new Community features this year to improve our customer experience. As we release new features, we’ll post in the New How to use our Community pageHow to use our Community will house all the how-tostips, and walkthroughs for the PowerSchool Community. You can subscribe to the How to use our Community page by clicking on Options and Subscribe to receive notifications when new updates are posted. 


With new initiatives and improvement plans lined up for 2020, we look forward to more activity and interactions to make your PowerSchool Community even more engaging.