What's New in our Community: August 2020

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What's New in our Community: August 2020

Community Moderator

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Please help us congratulate our Top Contributors for the month of August!   

@JeromeO  had the most replies leading to a resolution.  Thank you, all, for your contributions to our Community! 



We are excited to share that we have our first member-created content in the PowerSchool Community.  @JackieSchultz  with Management Council created a video explaining how to run a Detailed Distribution Detail using specific selection criteria to get the desired results. Thank you, @JackieSchultz , for providing useful resources to help other members.   


If you are interested in sharing content, check out the flyer for the PowerSchool Mentors program below. 




New Faces! 

We have a new Community Moderator.  Paritosh Tyagi joined the Community Moderator team this month and is dedicated to ensuring you receive a solution for all your questions.  He is excited to explore all the areas his role has to offer.  You can check out Meet our Team! to learn more about Paritosh and the rest of our Community team. 




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September Contest

We are happy to see you jumping in to troubleshoot and assist other members in our discussion forums.  We encourage all members to engage with their peers in the forums for their PowerSchool product(s).  The member with the most accepted solutions will become our September contest winner!  Be sure to utilize the helpful videos and articles in our Knowledge Bases. 





What's New


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We have introduced a What’s New in Customer Ed  Blog under the Services menu in the Community for all our Community Members.  Subscribe to What’s New in Customer Ed to learn more about Professional Development on Campus, Back to School Scheduling training, and more.   


The Subscriptions and Notifications article will guide you through the process to subscribe to boards within the PowerSchool Community.






PowerSchool Community Mentors  

Designated Support Contacts, check out our new PowerSchool Community Mentors program!  Share your information with us here or email mentors@powerschool.com if you are interested in joining the Mentors program. 


While we do encourage you to join, it is important to note that you are not required to be a PowerSchool Champion.




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