What's New in Our Community: May 2020

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What's New in Our Community: May 2020

Community Support Expert

Top Contributors: 

Please help us congratulate our Top Contributors for the month of May!  @JeffG9 had the most replies leading to a resolution.  Thank you, all, for your contributions to our Community in May! 


  • Russng 
  • Vance  
  • JeromeO 
  • JeffG9  
  • DanM3 
  • DataJeannie 
  • jrand 
  • Mhopkins  


Contest Winners 

A big shout out to our May contest winners!  These members earned a badge in May for leaving 10+ helpfulness ratings on the knowledge base articles in the Community.


  1. BarbaraD2 
  2. Crojasbahri 
  3. Softtech 

Notable Mentions: 

@Vance  has earned a badge for sharing feedback on 50 knowledge base articles@HelenP1963 and @bshepherd have earned a badge for sharing feedback on 25 articles. 




These members have shared their feedback on knowledge base articles to allow us to improve our resources.  They also help other Community members by rating articles as helpful.  We encourage all members to give us feedback.  Read more here to find out how you can share article feedback. 


June Contest 

We have an exciting contest for June.  We have created a scavenger hunt in the PowerSchool Community.  Share your answers with us in this thread.  The first 20 members that respond in fullwith the correct information, will be recognized and receive a reward. 


Let the scavenger hunt begin! 

  1. Rate a knowledge base article from How to Use our Community or GettinStarted blog, provide the link to the article. 
  2. Find the article that walks through How to Subscribe in the Community.  Provide the link to the article. 
  3. How do you narrow down search results by a specific location in the Community? (Hint: This information can be found in our Community Search Tips! article) 
  4. If you do not have a personalized avatar, upload an image to personalize your avatar.  This can be done by selecting your avatar at the top right of the page, the round image, and choose My Settings.  In your Settings page, select the Avatar tab to upload an image. 
  5. Tell us about your favorite feature in the PowerSchool Community. 

What’s New 

PowerSchool Ideas Portal 

We are excited to announce a new feature that makes sharing enhancement requests easier. We have introduced the PowerSchool Ideas Portal where you can directly submit ideas to the Product team.


You can visit the Ideas Portal by hovering over Contact support in the top menuselecting PowerSchool Ideas Portal, or by simply following this direct link. 


Learn more about the Ideas Portal here. 


@Mentions Feature Update 

We have also introduced the @Mentions feature which enables you to easily reference other community members or community posts in the body of a message.  When creating a post, you can use the "@" symbol to trigger the feature which will display suggestions in a drop-down based on the activity on the thread.  As you type a member's username or the title of a community post, it will display relevant suggestions with user mentions appearing at the top of the search pop-up, followed by matching content. 


Learn more about the Mentions feature here. 

Finding Videos in the Community         

We have added many videos to the Community to help walkthrough processes for the Community and PowerSchool products, as well as Office Hours and Webinars.  There are two methods you can use to find articles that contain a video. 


You can navigate to the page in the Community such as How to use our Community and choose Video in the Filter Results menu to the right of the page.  This will show a list of all knowledge base articles within the specific location that contains a video. 



You can also search for videos by typing the word Video in the Community search bar.  This will show all knowledge base articles that have the Video label.  The search results can be narrowed by utilizing the filter options such as Location.




To learn more about the process to simplify the search, review the Search Tips article in the community.