Sent 8/13/2018 - (AL & MS Only) INOW Service Build Deployed

PowerSchool Team
PowerSchool Team

Sent 8/13/2018 - (AL & MS Only) INOW Service Build Deployed

Note: This post is applicable to AL & MS only. 


An Enrollment History Enhancement Core Release service build was deployed for AL & MS PowerSchool-hosted schools and districts during the weekend of August 11-12, 2018


No action is required for hosted users. For schools or districts that host their own data, installation instructions are provided below. 


PowerSchool strongly recommends that users ensure a successful backup has been made before running the installation.


Please ensure that the INOW Summer 2018 Maintenance Release v8.0.15.24694 has been installed before running the installation.  


  • Click here to download the Core-180803_24797 install file. 
  • Once the file has been downloaded, unzip/extract the .exe file contained within the .zip file.

Note: ALL users should be logged out of InformationNOW before this file is executed. It is recommended that IIS be stopped prior to running the build. 


  • Install the Core-180803_24797.exe file on your InformationNOW application server(s). REMINDER: If more than one application server is used in a district, the .exe file should be run individually on each server. 
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