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At PowerSchool, we understand that choosing and implementing a new Student Information System (SIS) is a challenging effort.  We are pleased to work with you to understand your needs and expectations, and strive to ensure a smooth transition to PowerSchool, the fastest-growing, most widely used web-based student information system. 


To assist you through the transition to PowerSchool, we are pleased to offer a range of hardware and software, designed to meet the needs specific to your district.  As part of the PowerSchool implementation, PowerSchool offers a comprehensive integration solution, which includes the following:

  • Enterprise-level, on-site installation services of PowerSchool
  • Hardware sized scaled to your current and anticipated needs.
  • Third party software
  • Infrastructure integration services

PowerSchool Group, LLC is an authorized reseller for Dell, HP, Microsoft, VMware, Kemp, Cisco, F5, and Symantec products and is authorized to resell these products to the K-12 public sector. PowerSchool has special arrangements with these manufacturers which allow PowerSchool to sell this hardware and third-party software products to PowerSchool customers at reduced costs. PowerSchool provides this offering to reduce hardware and third-party software costs associated with purchasing PowerSchool software to provide the customer a more cost-effective solution.  


To purchase hardware or software from PowerSchool please send an email to TSG indicating you are interested in purchasing hardware or software. You will then be contacted by a TSG representative who will work with you to determine your exact needs and create a customized proposal.

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