Sending out District Employee Contracts digitally with Data from eFinance


Sending out District Employee Contracts digitally with Data from eFinance

Hi Everyone,


I'm the Technology Director for a K-12 District here in Arkansas. We are needing to send out our contracts digitally this year to be signed versus a paper copy like we have done in the past.


I'm trying to assist the Finance Dept in doing this, and we were under the understanding that you could use Adobe Sign and pull the data directly from eFinance and send in bulk.


According to Adobe's website we can accomplish this with a csv file if we could pull something from eFinance to use.


I am not familiar with eFinance and our book keeper doesn't have a clue how to do that so I am reaching out to the community for guidance.


Anyone know if this can be done?


Thanks in advance



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Hi! @dennis-warhurst,


To assist you further, would you please confirm if you have a Contract Center on the Periodic Routines menu in Human Resources?

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If you are on version 5.2 or above you can set up contracts in efinance and then employees can digitally sign the contrace via EAC .  They are going to address this in the Office Hours every Thursday 


Our district is moving towards this as well. Our problem is that we have a few benefit amounts that are based on a per employee amount and the Benefits and Salary screen information is being looked at by PowerSchool. I have a ticket in for it. It will pull just find from table values, but is showing incorrect data for a few of our per pupil calculated benefit items. But if you're just pulling pure salary, then you should have no problem. We're looking forward to getting to this point. It would save a lot of time and paper. 


@dziedzicjk  I am curious if you have been using the contracts center for your staff and how this is working for you? Thanks.


We are not using the contracts center. We are using the Salary and Benefits page in EAC now instead of printing out individual salary and benefit sheets that used to be sent to every employee. But, due to some longstanding issues we've had with PowerSchool, we are going to a new ERP.

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Thank you for your feedback!


I am sorry to hear that there might be struggles with contracts that are causing you to look for workarounds. There are a lot of nuances to contracts in eFinancePlus and it would be good for you to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or submit a support ticket through the Case Portal so that our eFinancePlus support experts can help in troubleshooting any issues. 


The contract center documentation is located here.


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Honestly we ended up doing a workaround with adobe sign, and pulling the data from efinance via csv file. Emailed contacts to all of the employees, they signed and we got confirmation they signed it.  It worked out pretty good, but was a pain to set up. We did this one time during the height of covid, but after that our finance department went back to in person paper copies again. We haven't used any other method since.