What is SchoolSpring Plus?


As a courtesy to our thousands of job seekers who search our site every day for jobs, we show jobs from hundreds of sites across the US in addition to our own member school jobs.   These jobs are listed in our Extended Search category.  Because they are collected from various education job sites, the quality, accuracy, and availability of these job postings cannot be confirmed.  We do not monitor the jobs from those sites and it is up to each site to keep their jobs current.   To apply to these jobs, follow the instructions on the originating website or use SchoolSpring Plus.  Applications to Extended Search postings do not appear in your application history.


SchoolSpring Plus allows you to send your application electronically anywhere in the world as long as you have an email address for the job.  The cost is $40.00 per year for unlimited applications and allows you to submit your profile electronically to any employer via email.



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