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I'm currently applying for jobs in North Carolina school districts that use teachermatch. On one of my application's JSI section, I was prompted to submit my application after the first question. A few minutes later, I remembered that the question had said 1 of 3 in the top right corner. I tried to withdraw my application then resubmit it in order to look at the JSI questions again, but you are not prompted to answer/reanswer the JSIs after withdrawing an application. 


I am very interested in this school and I am upset that this could cause my application to be denied consideration. Can I fix this or have my application released? I'd prefer not to contact the district, but would be willing to if necessary. Thank you!

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Hi @abmase,


I understand that you wouldn't want to reach out to the district, however, I should let you know that the JSI assessment links are shared by the district and they have complete authority over the assessments.


You would want to reach out to the school district for further steps.


Withdrawn jobs should be visible under the 'Jobs of Interest' section on the Dashboard. To see all your withdrawn applications, click on the digit figure on the line below the section.  This is how the line looks like 'You have X Not Applied and Y Withdrawn'.


When you click on that number you would be able to see your withdrawn job application and under the action column just click on reapply.


If you are unable to see the reapply button, the district may have hidden or disabled the job listing, please contact the school or district for more information.


Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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