Teacher EPI Assessment

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Teacher EPI Assessment

My TalentEd application account is not giving me the link for the Teacher EPI Assessment. I have not taken the assessment in several years so I should be able to take it again. I have tried using different browsers, clearing cache and cookies, and contacting my school district’s HR department. HR was wondering if there is any way you can send me a link for the assessment or if there is anything I can do?
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Hi @Lnicole6,


EPI assessment links are provided by the district.  You should be able to see the link on your application.

In case you are unable to find the link, the HR department of the school district can provide the link, or they can reach out to the Unified Talent Applicant Tracking team to request the link for you.


EPI assessments are controlled by the school district, and any actions related to EPI assessments are at the discretion of the school district.


You should be able to find more information related to EPI assessments below.


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