Records - 2 new hires used same email address

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Records - 2 new hires used same email address



We have 2 new hires (mother and daughter) that used the same email when completing their applications.  One (the mother) has already completed forms and is working.  When we got ready to send out the on-boarding packet for the daughter, it had all of the mom's information on it.  We tried to go in and edit the daughters information and thought it had worked but didn't.  So we unassigned the check list, edited it again and thought it was all good.  However, all of the mother's completed on-line paperwork has disappeared.  Is there any way to get that back? 

When you look at the mom's record nothing is there.   

When you looks at the daughter's record, hers looks right and just has to be completed. 


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Hi @AngieRowland2121,


Thank you for your patience while we worked with the Unified Talent Records team to gather more information.


If the user's information was successfully saved in the database, the paperwork can be recovered by the Unified Talent support team. 

We see that you were able to connect with the Unified Talent support team, who were able to recover the completed forms from the database.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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