Re: Q&A: Login Issues on the new SchoolSpring


Re: Q&A: Login Issues on the new SchoolSpring

I am actively looking for a job on schoolspring, which is now forcing me to use powerschool. My schoolspring password isn't working and when I fill in the "forgot password" form, it doesn't send an email. I don't want to lose everything I have on schoolspring already! Please help!

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Where is the saved search?  Option to see another state?  Past applications and current ones?  WOW


To find past applications you go to then in the top left corner click My jobs, then click submitted applications. Then you can either search submitted applications at the top of the screen or scroll through the pages like you would on google. If you want to look at saved jobs, instead of clicking submitted applications click saved jobs. 


As for see another state, use and under location type another state name and type what ever type of job you are looking for under job title or employer. If you are already looking at the map, then type in the second box at the top of the screen the name of the state, city or zip code. The box is the one labeled Massachusetts in the picture on the bottom of the screen. Keep in mind if you type massachusetts for instance it may show jobs outside the state of massachusetts since there appears to be cities named Massachusetts elsewhere.