New Schoolspring Feedback.


New Schoolspring Feedback.


  • Multiple score reports converted to (null) despite working fine in the old schoolspring
  • No job search agent 
  • New job search is absolute garbage. Can't even do a general search in a state, you have to have a specific job in mind.



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Lead Community Moderator
Lead Community Moderator

 We appreciate feedback that helps us improve the solutions we are delivering.


With regard to the null report returning, we suggest submitting a support case so that we can investigate and resolve your problem. Search Agent was replaced with “My Jobs” and “Job Assist Preferences”. These features allow you to specify the type of job you're looking for and receive job alerts daily or weekly.


The Job Title field is mandatory when searching for jobs because the number of results is large enough to impact performance. We will continue to explore balancing performance improvements with flexibility when searching for jobs. 


Thank you again for your feedback.