New Format - missing major functionality


New Format - missing major functionality

I logged in to PowerSchool Unified Talent (TalentEd) today and found some improvements with the latest update (example: search feature of "My Tasks" page - it retains search criteria after going in to a form/document). Thank you!


But I found a few problems:

1) Pinning staff to "My Tasks" is no longer available. I see the "Staff" list isn't even on the "My Tasks" page (now found inside "Configuration.") I liked to be able to pin staff that were still in the new hire process on "My Tasks" page - it helped me know at a quick glance who I needed to follow up on. Please add the ability to pin staff to the "My Tasks" page.


2) The "Quick Add" feature is missing (AGAIN!). In previous versions on "My Tasks" there was a "+" next to the staff list (staff list is no longer on that page at all - see above). I advocated pretty hard to have this brought back after a pervious new version rollout (see attached transcript for further detail if needed). I use this feature all the time -  my coworkers do too. Looks like this is the new process: "Configuration" - "Staff" - scroll to bottom - "Add Staff" - create a password (by far the most aggravating step in this long process). It's too much! Please consider putting the Quick Add feature back on the "My Tasks" page.


3) "Reports" - "Checklist Completion" - Names are cut off. The "Assigned" field is too long. Those fields should be customizable (choose which fields to display, drag to desired length, etc).


Thank you for considering these feature modifications!

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Good morning,


I have found these same misses on the new look.  They were great time savers and I hope return shortly.  Also the only way to see the new hires that we had pin is in the "checklist completion" function, all names are cut off.


Please consider updating with these functions that are very helpful.


Thank you,




UPDATE - most of my "issues" were just uninformed!  Thanks to the "Take The Tour" feature (which wasn't there when I first logged in - thank you for adding that!) I found:


To access staff list - click the magnifying glass in the upper right. Staff list, ability to pin and quick add are all right there!!! I'm so relieved! Thank you for maintaining those features.


The cutting off of names in the Reports screen is the only thing that could use some improvement (but it does adjust if you use a wider screen).


Thanks all!!