Can't submit application - "Request failed with status code 500"


Can't submit application - "Request failed with status code 500"


I'm trying to apply for a job, and I keep getting an error message that says "Request failed with status code 500". Please help!


THank you,

Mike Briggs, PhD

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Oh great - now I checked my job applications submitted list, and it shows me having submitted an application for that job FIVE TIMES! (I kept going back and trying to submit it, because it kept giving me an error) Is there a way to get four of those removed? That's not exactly the kind of first impression I want to make.

Thank you,


Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @DrMikeBriggs 


Thank you for reaching out to the PowerSchool Community!


I am sorry to hear that you were having an issue submitting an application. 


The error that you received can be due to various issues that are likely server side related. When you receive this error you might try refreshing the page, come back later, or delete your browser's cookies.


It appears that although you were receiving the error, you application was being submitted. 


I understand your asking to have four of the applications removed. Please reach out to the district's HR department to explain your issue and request to them. They can make any changes possible in their system or add notes to your applications.



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This site sucks.

What the ^..^ is Code 500?

I'm so disappointed in this new site.

I lost my previous applications, no tracking of current applications, and nothing transferred over. Not to mention, there was no prior warning either.


Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @danieljhanneken 


I apologize for the inconvenience caused.


We have contacted the Support Agent who should be reaching out to you with via your existing case. In order to protect your data privacy, we recommend you continue working with PowerSchool Support Team who should be able to gather more information and provide further assistance. 

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